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2023-05-29 • 已更新

Useful Tools to Grow as FBS Partner via Social Media

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In this article, we unleash the full potential of social media and provide FBS Partners with effective tools to develop their audience, attract more clients to trade, and get more passive income. Read the article to get valuable tips, promo materials in Partner Area, a complete guide on creating content, and other info to have more followers.

Where to start

Today many have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, etc., and some even have channels and groups. If you have it, use your current account or create a new one to get started on your promotional activities.

Here it is crucial to not use FBS in naming and have a disclaimer that your page is owned by FBS Partner, not by the company itself.

For example, avoid the following or similar naming:

  • “Official page of FBS broker” 
  • “FBS Indonesia”

Use disclaimers like:

“This page is owned by FBS Partner, not the FBS company. Any links leading you to products or services are affiliate links of FBS. I only promote those products or services I have investigated and truly deliver value to you.”

After completing the first step, we can move on. To make sure if your content fits the style of FBS Partner, check the complete recommendation list in our article.

Create content with materials in the Partner Area

The next step is to fill up your page with trading content and help to start people who are wondering about trading. It’s not necessary to be a trading guru, but enough to suggest your solution to people’s questions, share your knowledge, and post it on social media.

Every FBS Partner can access and get promotional materials in their Partner Area, Advertisement material section. We have collected creatives with the most popular  FBS benefit and trading topics in the Social media tab. There you can choose the desired creative and language, then download and post it with your referral link.

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Personalize your content using the FBS Partner guide

To stand out from the crowd, you need to personalize your content and make it special. We have created the guide that helps our Partners make more profit by creating FBS-style content and representing themselves effectively.

Download the guide

The guide includes:

  • Tips on how to attract clients; 
  • Communication recommendations;
  • Visual style recommendations;
  • Various topics for publication and posting;
  • Advice on representing yourself as FBS Partner;
  • Instructions on creating visual content;
  • Templates in PPT to personalize content.

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Download the guide, create unique content, and share it with your referral link to get more audience on social media and, therefore, higher extra income.

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