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Guide: How to be a perfect FBS Partner?


Represent yourself effectively with a guide to FBS Partners’ behavior on the web.

Visual recommendations

Logo and its protection area

Our logo is a square with rounded corners and an FBS inscription in the center.

Protection area is free space around the logo that should be clear of any text or graphic elements. The protection area around our logo is one-third of the logo’s width.

Green FBS logo (PNG)

White FBS logo (PNG)



When making visual content, you can use our brand colors as backgrounds:

Brand green

Light blue

Dark green


R: 0

G: 190

B: 64


R: 217

G: 238

B: 237


R: 9

G: 84

B: 79


By the way, you can place our logo on photos as well. Just remember to put it on a contrasting background, meaning don’t use a white logo on light backgrounds or a green logo on greenish backgrounds.

How to place the logo?

Place the logo as it is, or scale it proportionally. You don’t need to tilt, cut out, modify its color or saturation, or change it in any other way.


How to design your page?

A good example of your page on social media contains:

  • your real name and pictures
  • relevant images of our logo and products
  • brand colors

Feel free to use our premade templates:

Background template (PNG)


A bad example of a page’s design contains:

  • outdated images of our logo and products
  • FBS in Facebook page’s name



To match our style even more, you can use the following fonts:

  • Kanit for Thai
  • Kufam for Vietnamese and Urdu
  • Changa for Arabic
  • Poppins for Hindi
  • Noto Sans Japanese for Japanese
  • Noto Sans Korean for Korean
  • and Inter for other languages

Communication guideline

FBS Partners are ready to help, yet they never mislead or overpromise. Instead, they teach and guide clients properly. Here’s a list of what you might say when promoting services as the FBS Partner:

Learn to trade and earn

Trade to earn money easily

Trade wisely

Get rich easily

I’ll help you improve your trading skills

Reach all your dreams with no effort

Trade with a reliable broker

Make easy money with the best broker ever

Increase your potential income with FBS

FBS will return all your lost money

Behavior on social media

Introduce yourself as the FBS Partner, not an FBS employee.

Don’t create social media channels using FBS in naming.

Use a disclaimer that your page is owned and operated by an FBS Partner, not the company itself.

For example, you can state the following:

“This page is owned by an official partner of FBS”.

Don’t make official statements or comment on behalf of FBS. If journalists or influencers want your comment, please contact your FBS supervisor in the first place.

Be positive and avoid inflammatory comments.

Don’t spam with bulk emails or posts.


When presenting information as FBS Partner, you cannot provide clients with the following:

  • materials and links to resources that contain defamatory, obscene, violent, discriminatory, and pornographic information and images;
  • promotion of gambling and gambling products;
  • investment recommendations and tips, e.g. buying or selling specific assets;
  • confidential and proprietary information of FBS, its clients, or third parties with whom FBS conducts business.

Useful resources

Expand your opportunities with additional resources about the FBS IB Program.

For more information about the FBS IB Program, read the following:

To promote your services even more effectively, check the following materials:

To deeply understand the market, explore educational materials from our analysts and follow their social media channels:

  • 43



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